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Retail Stores are now closed for 2014. They will re-open for the 2015 holiday season.

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Holiday Rejects Online Store will re-open September 2015

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The Story of Holiday Rejects

Canada’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Store

Holiday Rejects began when 3 University of Calgary students attended an ugly Christmas sweater party in 2011. Upon arriving at the party they found that the Christmas sweater attire of the guests was underwhelming. Everyone at the party expressed difficulty in finding a really good Christmas sweater to wear.

This was when the 3 university students took it upon themselves to save Christmas sweater parties everywhere – the following Christmas season Holiday Rejects – Calgary’s ugly Christmas sweater store was born.

After a modestly successful first Christmas season Holiday Rejects had the opportunity to be on Canadian TV show – Dragon’s Den. Although they were met with a fair amount of ‘grinchiness’ upon arrival to the show, the trio was able to instill the Christmas spirit into three dragons – David Chilton, Jim Treliving & Kevin O’Leary who helped grow the Christmas Sweater Store across Canada.

Holiday Rejects now runs 6 retail stores across Canada selling both vintage & new Ugly Christmas Sweaters to patrons of Christmas sweater parties everywhere. Our Christmas sweaters come far and wide from multiple suppliers to bring you, the customer, the best selection of ugly Christmas sweaters possible. See what unique treasures we have in stock & check out our:

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